Walkthrough: Love Academy (Koi Gakuen)

Koi Gakuen

Outstanding and talented students from around the world have gathered together at Moulin Academy High School, a private institution. Beneath the fireworks at a masquerade party, an unexpected romantic encounter takes place.

Jyogasaki Takumi aka The Childhood Friend


Happy End
♦  Because you’re smart?
♦  Will takumi be happy as well?
♦  Answer honestly.
♦  I need to apologize too.
♦  Takumi.
♦  I am eager to find out what takumi’s answer will be.
♦  Donate 500 yen .
♦  Nodded at me.


Shirato Haku aka The Happy Go Lucky Type

Haku05 Happy End
♦  Haku.
♦  Talk to her.
♦  I’m waiting for someone!
♦  Believe in him.
♦  That you won’t be able to sing anymore?
♦  Feed him.
♦  OK, I understand.
♦  I should go.



Gen Togo aka The Kuudere

Togo06Happy End
♦  I can’t cook.
♦  J-Pop.
♦  But wait… I don’t want to see him, because I am still immature…
♦  Please let me think about it.
♦  Of course!
♦  Okay, I’ll be leaving.
♦  What happened?
♦  I will do my best in Japan.


Ameda Yota aka The Ore-Sama Type

Yota04Happy End
♦  No.
♦  The President.
♦  Tell him the truth.
♦  I’m looking forward to it!
♦  Stop him no matter what.
♦  Reject.
♦  Of course.
♦  Togo will win.

I finally finished Yota’s route! I keep on forgetting to finish his route since a lot of other games plus school works are keeping me busy. But since I’ve finally finished all the guys’ route I decided to create a walkthrough for this game. Hope this helps! 🙂


New English Mobile Otome Game: Office Lover


This is a new game brought to us by OKKO. It has the same system as Contract Marriage, where you are given tickets to read scenarios per day. I just downloaded this today so I can’t give any reviews yet, but I’m hoping this game turns out to be good. (。^‿^。)

Update: Please also check out their newest game Sweet Scandal & Arabian Nights! ♥



Kitazawa Omi (Brown haired guy)
Shiraishi Henri (Blonde guy)
Kagaya Go (Megane guy)

I’ll probably choose Omi and Go cause Omi is cute and Go is a megane chara. (*^▽^*)
You can download the game at Google Play. Enjoy! 🙂
Oh and please use my referral/invitation code when you sign up: F7iMWp (you will get 100 Platinum if you do this).

Edit: Found a walkthrough here. 🙂