Shall We Date: My Sweet Prince


“I came here on a vacation, but… Huh?
Now I have to choose a king from 6 princes?
Surrounded by princes, welcome to heart-throb paradise!”

You are just a simple secretary from a company in Japan. You’re just having a vacation in some foreign country but then your bag gets stolen but the robber left something, a bracelet. Turns out, it’s a royal bracelet that will determine who will be the next king. And since you have it, you’ll be the one to choose who the next king will be.

There are seven guys to choose from, six princes and the butler. Though the only ones included when you buy the app is Lambert, Chezem, and Nagit’s route. The others you can get by buying the extra character packs. (Pack 1: Alvah + Jun, Pack 2: Ivan + Melchiorre) I did not buy the extra packs though since I still have Ninja Love to finish. 🙂

♦ Prince Lambert ♦


Prince Lambert (26), is the second eldest of the princes. At first he’s cold towards you because you’re a commoner but then he gradually starts to be more affectionate. He knows the responsibilities of being a king, and as a prince he takes his position seriously. He starts liking you but he gets confused and tries to distance himself, because this is the first time he’s felt like that and  he doesn’t know how to deal with those feelings. I liked him and Chezem the most but then again it could just be because I have a special attachment to him since he’s the first one I chose. xD

~ Walkthrough ~
Nod. He’s scary.  Such penmanship.  Try adlibbing?  Impossible!  Obey.  Help with work.  Cute clothes.
This is better.  Isn’t it tiring?  Graceful lotus.  How do you feel?  Call a therapist.  Even the palace?
Apologize anyway.  Felt happy.  Tell Lambert.  Do you hate me?  Apologize first.  Is there someone?  Sadly.  Confess.

♦ Prince Chezem ♦


Prince Chezem (20), is the fourth eldest of the princes. He is very quiet – doesn’t talk much, but he can be very inquiring if you’re talking about something he’s interested in. Because of his status he is very distrusting towards people and tends to just stay in his room almost all the time but he gradually starts trusting people because of you. He is very sweet once you’ve earned his trust. I really liked his route, probably a little more than Lambert’s.

~ Walkthrough ~
Wait.  Apologize.  Pity.  Wait.  Interfere.  No way!  I’ll take you.  My choice.  Kinda.  Encourage.  Climb.
Falitna.  Chide.  Showtime!  Accept.  Falitna?  Stop.  Chezem?  Grab.  Yes.  Accept.  Warn.

♦ Prince Nagit ♦


Prince Nagit (16), is the youngest of all the princes and born from a Japanese mother. Though he is young, he’s not a spoiled brat who whines a lot. He’s actually pretty mature, and he tries to be like his brothers by acting like an adult and he does not like being treated like a child. His route was fine but I’m not really into younger characters so I was not attached to him like with Lambert or Chezem. xD

~ Walkthrough ~
You’re all kids.  Thank you!  I had fun.  I’ll get fat.  Protect the boy.  I didn’t think.  You fooled us.
Work hard for it.  I don’t like it.  Thanks!  Revenge!  I’m with Nagit!  Are you jealous?  Farewell.
Have to shape up!  Hold his hand.  Be the new king!  I won’t give up!  Thanks.  Good to see him.  Great timing.  All right.

Overall, I loved the game. I loved the art, and the story was good as well. I just wish the game was longer though and I wish the endings had more details. I’m thinking whether I should buy the special packs but Voltage is going to release a lot of new games so I’m not really sure. So many games to play, so little time. ( ≧△≦)

Anyways you can buy the game in the App Store or Google Play. I hope you enjoy this game as well! 🙂


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