Bedtime Sweetheart: Shall We Sleep Guide


Today Koyonplete released a new mobile app featuring three voice actors. There are three guys, and they talk when you tap them. They talk differently between day and night. You just tap them and they say things to you. Also, if you tap in the “correct” order, you will get a special scene.

Update again: Finally, I figured out Hayato‘s special CG and dialogue! Here’s how:

  1. Swipe to the left.
  2. Single tap his chest.
  3. Swipe to the right.
  4. Double tap his eyes.

Here’s Ryuunosuke‘s special CG and dialogue: (thanks to chocolate0941)

  1. Shake.
  2. Single hold script.
  3. Swipe to the right.
  4. Double tap face.

Mao‘s Special CG and dialogue guide: (thanks to Vee)

  1. Slide up.
  2. Double tap his purple sleeve.
  3. Slide right.
  4. Double tap his face, near his mouth.

Note: If you downloaded the app’s first release and have not updated yet, please update the app because shaking the device does not do anything on android devices before. They also fixed the subtitles on this one. 🙂

And there you go! I hope you enjoy this app as well. ^_^


Update: This app is now both available on the App Store and Google Play!
You can download the app here:

dl gp


46 thoughts on “Bedtime Sweetheart: Shall We Sleep Guide

  1. Ryuunosuke’s Special Scene
    I figured it out myself.

    1. Shake.
    2. Single hold script.
    3. Swipe to the right.
    4. Double tap face.

  2. For the life of me I can’t figure it out. Do I do it all at once, or wait until the dialouge to end? I’m probably making it harder than it should be, but for the life of me I can’t get either of the CG’s!

    • Hello! ^_^
      You’ll know you are doing it right when the dialogue they are saying is somehow connected to the previous one they said. For example, for Hayato:

      1. Swap left – He should say this “There is something I want to tell you. Actually, I will tell you once I have calmed down…”
      2. Single tap his chest – and he should say “Don’t rush me, it is very important for me after all, and I want to take it slowly.”
      3. Swap right – and he should say “Alright.. I wonder if you will listen to me attentively. Come on, look at me..”
      4. Double tap his eyes – CG

      If you get a different dialogue after you, for example, swapped right, you’ll have start over from the first step. It’s okay to swipe even if he hasn’t finished saying the dialogue.

      • Unfortunately you can’t. 😦 Since this is just a seiyuu app and not an actual vn, it ends at him asking you to marry him. I wish they’d add that though. ^_^

  3. I figured how to get Ryunosuke’s special CG, and I’m using Android device xD
    The first step is very difficult though. I shook my phone ups and downs at many times, and it came up with his dialogue said “Stop holding me tightly… etc.”, and I just continued to hold his script and did the next steps, and taraaa, his scene showed after I double tapped his face (>//<)

    Thanks for providing this walkthrough. It's really helpful! 😀

  4. I’ve figured out Mao’s combo! All of the combos start with either a slide or a shake- they’re the only ones that have the same dialogue at both day and night.

    Mao’s combo is:
    -Slide up
    -Double tap his purple sleeve
    -Slide right
    -Double tap his face, near his mouth


  5. So I tried for Ryuu’s and the shaking part did work but what’s he supposed to say during the second Parr because all he says it he won’t grow his out like mine

    • These are the things he should say:

      Shake – Stop holding onto me tightly. If you do, I won’t be able to.. tell you what I want to say..
      Singe hold script – You want me to pretend it’s one of my lines in the script? No, that would be meaningless. I can do it when I have calmed down.
      Swipe right – You have always been waiting for me, and I– Okay, are you ready to hear it?
      Double tap face – get the CG. ^_^

  6. I got Mao`s ending on android like this:
    1.swipe up
    2 double tap his purple sleeve
    3. Swipe right
    4. /( people say to double tap his face right next to the mouth, I had to double tap his hair almost right below the right ear)
    I dont know if this works for everyone.

  7. Whoa… Even though I’m really late for playing this (Got released 2 years ago), thanks :3. I got Mao’s CG while I didn’t get Ryuunosuke and Hayato… (I probably did something wrong) Thanks for these, I’ve been wanting to get their CG’s and secret dialogues other from the ones I’ve seen by tapping :3 it really helped us.

    • I have the same problem. I can watch ads in other apps just fine, but for this one says I don’t have connection :/ Pls help ;-;

  8. I’m crying i have been trying to find this app again forever and I’ve finally found it again thanks to this,,,,thank you so so much omg

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