Pyrite Heart: Review & Walkthrough


“When a feud with her brother gets too hot, Princess Ahri Remono, a young woman with a heart of fire, accepts a challenge that she cannot thrive in the world outside the Imperial Palace. In her first day in class, the boisterous princess finds a potential rival in the student body president, Ryuu Hayashi. Moving to assert her dominance, Ahri challenges the young man to a series of contests. When each of them end inconclusively, she challenges him to the one thing she hopes he can’t be good at, a cook-off. When her rival cheerfully accepts, the young princess realizes that she may have gotten in way over her head.”

♦ Characters ♦


This doujin game is a project by a newly formed team called Winged Cloud, and this is their first game. This is just very short, I finished one route for like an hour or less. I actually kinda wish Kichiro has a route. (─‿─) He’s just so cute. For the story, since this is just short, there wasn’t much events that happened. It’s just mostly about Ahri challenging Ryuu and falling in love with him along the way, or Ahri falling in love with her servant Kenta. For the art, as you can see, it is AMAZING. Hands down to the artists of this game. Music was good, and the creators said that there will be a voiced version to be released soon, hopefully this release will include an Extras section since you can’t access the CG’s you get in this game because there’s no extras section in this release yet. Overall I will give this a 7/10 rating. 🙂

Anyways, here’s the walkthrough for Ryuu’s happy end. 🙂


~ Ryuu Walkthrough ~
Go home
Glare at his presumption, but leave the rocks alone
I Accept
Benito Mussolini
Ask if he is alright


~ Kenta Walkthrough ~
Stay and play some solo basketball
I decline
Wake him up and get him off
I need your help

Download the game for free here:



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