New English Mobile Otome Game: Sweet Scandal (Ikemen Michakushuzai)


“In the famous women’s magazine ‘Queen’ published by Tiger Gates Editions, there is a very popular section called ‘Total Coverage’, which is all about handsome geniuses.
After working there for two years as a journalist, your dream finally comes true; you’ve been tasked with writing the sought-after ‘Total Coverage’ section !
During the time you will spend with him, you will fall in love with the side of him he only shows when he’s with you. You will have to face one scandal after the other, the weight of public reputation…and the hidden truth. What will be waiting for you when you finally discover everything? Will you find eternal love, or part ways forever?”

Yes, from the creators of Office Lover, another English translated game for us! I’ve actually seen this one a while back when I checked out Okko’s website but it was only available in Japanese back then. I am so glad it’s now translated! 🙂


There are three characters to choose from. I will probably choose Amasawa Kaito first and Misato Yusuke. As of the moment this is only available for Android but they will release the iOS version soon. 🙂
Edit: Found a walkthrough for Yusuke HERE. As for Kaitou, I am updating my walkthrough post HERE as I play through the game.

Please enter my invite code when you register: TLMkC6
If you do this, you will get 100 Platinum. 🙂



37 thoughts on “New English Mobile Otome Game: Sweet Scandal (Ikemen Michakushuzai)

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  2. How can I play it? i love to play it but I don’t know how. on the other reviews i read it says that the prologue is free but every chapter is not.

    • Hi Tine! 🙂

      In this game you are given free 5 scenario tickets per day. You can use those tickets to play the game.

      If you want to finish the game fast, you can buy scenario tickets which will cost you real money.
      But if you don’t wanna spend money on it, you can just login everyday and play with the 5 free scenario tickets you get. 🙂

      So you can play it for free, if you’re patient. ^_^

  3. I just downloaded this and am so excited!

    Just a question though, I can’t get into the game :/ I’ve tried clicking the both buttons “Start your coverage now” but it goes back to the same screen with the buttons 😦 Any tips to get me past this?

    • Hmm. You can try uninstalling then reinstalling your game. I’ve encountered that in a different game once, I just reinstalled it and it worked for me. 🙂

    • Aw, sorry to hear that. There must be a glitch in the system. You can try email-ing the creators in the Contact Us option to report the issue. They actually really reply (I’ve emailed them regarding the gacha before and they replied), just give it a day or two. 🙂

  4. Hi, thanks so much the walkthrough, I will now follow your hints! 😉 I only just starting to learning the game…would you please tell me what are those love points for?also is it too late to use your code to get the platinum points? 😥 thank you!

    • Hi there! 🙂 The love points determine what kind of ending you will get and if you will be able to view the special scenes or not. If your love points are low, you will not see the special scenes and you will only get the normal ending. No, it’s not too late for you to use my code! Hope you enjoy the game! ^_^

  5. I recently bought a new phone and was wondering if its possible to transfer my game data when I install the games onto it. So far it just wants me to start over…

    • It’s probably a glitch in the system. You should contact the support team in the Contact Us section in the game. They actually reply so you may wanna shoot them a mail to fix that. ^_^

  6. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to save the pictures from the game? I love all the OKKO games and have gotten all the pictures, but I would like to use some as my wallpaper for my phone. Please help.

  7. Sweet Scandal is not loading properly and the options are enlarged to the entire screen. Some images are missing and I can’t do any scenarios. Can u help me?

    • Hmm I tried opening the app and it’s fine for me. You can try closing the app on the task manager then restarting it again. If it’s been more than 24 hours and it’s still not working, try e-mailing the creators to solve the issue. 🙂

  8. hi. i’m having trouble understanding the gacha thing. i see there are special scenario kike “staing overtime gacha” or something like tha, wich can only be played if you wear a special item. but gow do i get that item; how can i use that capsuke machine…als can i use those love points i get by loggin in every day somehow?

    • Hey there! I have the same question… Can I use my love points for a that random capsule only? Or is it possible to use the ticket on one of those “special scenario” machines when I bought it with love points as well? Would be so happy to get an answer! 🙂 And thank you for this post! I absolutely love this game! ^.^

  9. Hi. It says that if you login on 7 consecutive days then you will receive love points but i don’t know how to log out. Please help me!

  10. Hi. It says that if you login for 7 consecutive days then you get love points but i don’t know how to log out. Please help me!

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