The Cloud Dream of the Nine: Love Story of a Girl


Hello guys! ^_^ Sorry haven’t been able to update for a while. Uni is keeping me busy with all the projects and stuff ugh. Anyways a few days ago I stumbled upon this Korean otome game and found out that it will actually be released in ENGLISH! The story looks good and the art is awesome! Don’t you think so? o(≧∇≦o) I like the BGM as well. (You can check it out on their website) I can’t wait until it’s released!

Here are the heroes you can choose from:


Don’t they all just look so cute? Anyways you can visit the official site at NeoAlice. (They have cute downloadable wallpapers, banners, etc.) You can also watch the trailer here.
Here are some of the sample CG’s:





As of now I think I like the guy with the eyepatch most. I also like the one in ponytail. (* >ω<) If you guys know any more details about this game, I would appreciate if you’d share some of the info to me. I hope you are all looking forward to this as well. More english games for us! ^_^


Koyonplete: Mystical Butterfly

“Being alone since birth, in a world where no one accepts an half youkai, half kami it is difficult and her only hope lies in her pendant and her choices. One day everything changes, when she is brought into the world of gods, by Amaterasu-omikami. At first no one accepted her, but gradually because of her personality, she has found friends and a family.
You will start a new journey as the heroine of the story, traveling between the two worlds, the gods world and human world in the Edo Era. Together with the four sacred beast you will find the truth about your origins, love and happiness. Your choices will decide who among the sacred beasts will declare his love and will be prepared to even sacrifice his own life to protect you.”

So Koyonplete announced the release of their newest game, Mystical Butterfly. This game is set on historical times, which kind of reminds me of the anime Kamisama Hajimemashita.

Suzaku: Sacred Beast of Fire
He is the most volcanic of the sacred beasts, but also the most sarcastic. His favorite places are: the training ground and the cherry forest where he spends most of his time. The only characters he respects the most are: Amaterasu,Izanami and Raikou. Sometimes, he gets angry very fast especially when Byakko, his best friend and rival in the same time, is around him teasing about something personal.

Genbu: Sacred Beast of Water
He is very calm, shy and solitary, until he gets angry. Usually he doesn’t remember the names of those around him, only if they are important to him. When he isn’t sent in human world to capture evil spirits,he can be found near the pond sleeping almost all the time.His best friend is Seiryuu even if he is on good terms with everyone.

Byakko: Sacred Beast of Earth
He is the most optimistic and energetic of the sacred beasts. Wherever is a party, he is present too, dancing and singing to the amusement of others. He loves to tease the others using their own fears against them.

Seiryu: Sacred Beast of Wind
He is the most mysterious and darkest of the four sacred beasts,hiding a big secret from his past that made ​​him not love again. He devotes his whole time protecting the human world and the balance between human, kami and youkai. He gets into troubles very often because of Suzaku and Byakko.

The game is currently available for Android only, and there’s only Suzaku’s route yet.  but they will release the other characters’s route and the iOS version soon! 🙂