Sweet Scandal: Amasawa Kaitou’s Walkthrough


I got this from a Japanese walkthrough. I’ve finished the game already, you need at least 165 affection for you to get the happy ending. The bold ones are the right choices. Enjoy! ^_^

Chapter 1.4

  1. I started to feel sad.
  2. I was so shocked.
  3. I mustn’t let him win. (+5)

Chapter 1.9

  1. Listen seriously. (+5)
  2. Beg for an explanation.
  3. Nod your head.

Chapter 1.14

  1. Praise him.
  2. Admire him.
  3. Help as best you can. (+5)

Chapter 2.5

  1. Call the police.
  2. For the time being, look for him. (+5)
  3. Try and call his name loudly.

Chapter 2.10

  1. Ask him. (+5)
  2. Don’t say anything.
  3. Stay guarded.

Chapter 2.12

  1. That’s the only reason.
  2. I would help anyone in distress.
  3. It might be for other reasons too. (+5)

Chapter 3.4

  1. Casually continue working.
  2. Stay Silent.
  3. Tell Yui off. (+5)

Chapter 3.9

  1. Say you’re worried about the clothes.
  2. Say you’re happy for the time being.
  3. Say you think about your work. (+5)

Chapter 3.15

  1. Be honest with my feelings. (+5)
  2. Try not to realize.
  3. Reconsider.

Chapter 4.5

  1. What should I do?
  2. I have to warn them
  3. I have to rescue him. (+5)

Chapter 4.7

  1. He was just joking.
  2. I don’t know.
  3. I want to believe it’s not a joke. (+5)

Chapter 4.14

  1. Give it your all.
  2. I hope you enjoy the article.
  3. See you in a few days. (+5)

Chapter 5.5

  1. .Stay silent.
  2. Watch him intently. (+5)
  3. Lie.

Chapter 5.10

  1. Drink.
  2. Focus on him.
  3. Eat loads. (+5)

Chapter 5.13

  1. Turn away. (+5)
  2. Get angry.
  3. Hide your body with your hands.

Chapter 6.5

  1. Lie
  2. Deny everything
  3. Tell him the truth. (+5)

Chapter 6.10

  1. I would never betray you. (+5)
  2. I don’t know.
  3. No one wants to betray another person.

Chapter 6.15

  1. Say nothing
  2. Thank him.
  3. Tell him you also trust him. (+5)

Chapter 7.4

  1. Stay quiet.
  2. You’re fine.
  3. You want more of him. (+5)

Chapter 7.10

  1. Ask Akina.
  2. Get flustered.
  3. Read the article. (+5)

Chapter 7.15

  1. The tears won’t stop.
  2. Get up with as much effort as you can muster.
  3. Wait until you’ve recovered. (+5)

Chapter 8.4

  1. Thank her.
  2. Thank her wholeheartedly.
  3. You’ll do your best too. (+5)

Chapter 8.9

  1. I wanted to see you. (+5)
  2. Yeah.
  3. I tried calling you a lot.

Chapter 8.15

  1. Be nice to her.
  2. Tell her it will be okay. (+5)
  3. Scold her severely.

Chapter 9.5

  1. I wanted to resolve the misunderstanding.
  2. I wanted to ask something.
  3. I only wanted to see him. (+5)

Chapter 9.8

  1. Say nothing. (+5)
  2. Ignore her.
  3. Complain.

Chapter 9.14

  1. We are not dating!
  2. It’s a secret!
  3. I will leave it up to your imagination. (+5)

Chapter 10.5

  1. Hesitate.
  2. Have a little.
  3. Be grateful. (+5)

Chapter 10.10

  1. There’s something more to ask.
  2. Say nothing.
  3. Think hard. (+5)

Chapter 10.13

  1. Be sad.
  2. Be annoyed.
  3. Be indifferent. (+5)

Chapter 11.3

  1. There is no good reason.
  2. Is he ignoring the situation?
  3. As he wishes. (+5)

Chapter 11.9

  1. Say nothing.
  2. Just nod at people.
  3. Greet people too. (+5)

Chapter 11.12

  1. Walk next to him. (+5)
  2. Walk alone.
  3. Walk a little ways behind him.

32 thoughts on “Sweet Scandal: Amasawa Kaitou’s Walkthrough

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  2. Thank you soooo super dupperr much! For half his play through I was getting +5, then recently +1.. And I just O-O… Our relationship… π-π…. So Thank you, Really! >-<b

  3. OMG, I love his route, is so… so… hjasdghjasd Right now I’m in chapter 8, and it’s hurting my heart soo bad! Poor Kenichi and por me/you/nameofyourcharacter.
    Thanks a lot, this is really helping me!

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  5. Hey, in chapter four you get a dramatic route if you have enough affection but I picked all the right choices and I think I’m only getting the regular scenario but not dramatic. It’s not telling me how many more points I need to get dramatic if I don’t have enough. My affected is at 58, I have an extra 3 from shoes I have equipped, but other than that the affection is at its highest when picking all the right choices. Do you know what it has to be ti get dramatic?

    • As far as I know the only requirement to get the dramatic route is for you to have enough affection ratings.
      I’ve checked my acquired scenarios for chapter 4 and there was no scenario that says [Dramatic Route] in it. Maybe there’s really no dramatic route in chapter 4? I’m sorry I haven’t been much of help. 😦

    • So I’m a few weeks late, but I’m at that dramatic route right now and my affection is at 82. STILL NO DRAMATIC. Guess it’s just tease. Or the game makers actually want you to replay it with an insane amount of affection. :/

  6. Is there a way to be sure that I can get clothes for amasawa route using the capsule? Everything so far I’ve only been getting yusuke ‘s clothing and I can’t remember if there were any clothes that are amasawa (I don’t think I’m wearing them even if I have it). I’ve been wasting love points like mad and I have like 16 yusuke affection points which I’d much rather go to amasawa LOL.

    • Hello there! ^_^ Unfortunately, the items we are getting are chosen at random. So there’s really no way to make sure we get the ones for the guy we are pursuing. 😦

  7. I’m just wondering if the dramatic route has any difference from the normal route in chapter 3?

    I was cross checking this video walkthrough of kaito’s chapter 3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5_v5quHDLU ; it starts at 16:35 i guess?) with my own acquired scenarios on my phone, and the only thing I noticed was the slight dialogue change. Kinda missed going for the dramatic route ’cause I didn’t get the chance to have enough affection points to go for it, mehhh. ):

    So… could someone just please tell me if the video was the dramatic route? I’m like dying to know. Thanks. >_<"

  8. Hii Thanks, this has been helping me a lot i going in Chapter 7 and making me feel awful i want to cry, and a question the ending is epic, it’s like a fairy tale? I hope so ♡

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