The Cloud Dream of the Nine: Love Story of a Girl


Hello guys! ^_^ Sorry haven’t been able to update for a while. Uni is keeping me busy with all the projects and stuff ugh. Anyways a few days ago I stumbled upon this Korean otome game and found out that it will actually be released in ENGLISH! The story looks good and the art is awesome! Don’t you think so? o(≧∇≦o) I like the BGM as well. (You can check it out on their website) I can’t wait until it’s released!

Here are the heroes you can choose from:


Don’t they all just look so cute? Anyways you can visit the official site at NeoAlice. (They have cute downloadable wallpapers, banners, etc.) You can also watch the trailer here.
Here are some of the sample CG’s:





As of now I think I like the guy with the eyepatch most. I also like the one in ponytail. (* >ω<) If you guys know any more details about this game, I would appreciate if you’d share some of the info to me. I hope you are all looking forward to this as well. More english games for us! ^_^


8 thoughts on “The Cloud Dream of the Nine: Love Story of a Girl

  1. Whua, thank yooou *___*
    I am so happy right now! Can’t wait! >_<
    I've looked around the Website and heard the Voice Samples. Shin Yeon's voice matches with his appereance the most *_* lovely! <33
    Cheong Un is so cute ❤

  2. Do you know when they planned to release it in English? I haven’t been able to find an English site so perhaps the feb release was purely for Korean with a much later date for a translation?

  3. the guy with the pony tail and the one that plays the flute are actually charcters from a populer korean drama

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