New Mobile Otome Game: Starstruck Love!

Hey guys! Yesterday I was so excited because I heard from a friend that Arithmetic, the creators of the game Contract Marriage, released a new English translated game! ^_^ It was released last February 3, 2014 and it gives us four guys to choose from.


“Your parents suddenly die, leaving you with debts to pay. Now alone without a single relative, you are offered help by your childhood friend’s father. 
Your new father is the gifted CEO of a major entertainment company. Your pop star debut comes with a spacious room in a huge mansion, and your own private butler. You begin the coveted and comfortable life of a celebrity. What’s more, the members of a hugely popular pop star group have become your siblings! 
But can you keep secret the dangerous fact that you are siblings? Or…possibly more than that?”


♦ Characters ♦

  • Shion Jonouchi – The kindhearted brother whom you can always rely upon to listen to you. He looks after you as though you really were his younger sibling, but is this truly a brother-sister relationship?
  • Ryo Jonouchi – The fact that you’re his younger sister does not stop his advances. Though he has a forceful and incredibly sadistic nature, you can’t help but be moved by his occasional acts of kindness.
  • Toma Jonouchi – Though taciturn and sometimes a little rough, he is a true childhood friend at heart. However, judging by his cold behavior to you now, you would never be able to tell you were once such good friends.
  • Ryusei Akesato – Kind to everyone including newbies, this more experienced pop star is always willing to help out in some way or another. While the three brothers are appealing, you can’t help by be drawn in by the comfort you feel around this more experienced pop star.


♦ System ♦

  • Your “Scenario Tickets” are restored every day at 4AM, Japanese time.
  • Click the “proceed” button under “My Page” to proceed with the lovestory.
  • Enjoy cute avatars and special event systems.
  • With lots of gorgeous illustrations!
  • Unlock beautiful images and special love scenarios by increasing your favorability score through your avatar!
  • Gain “Love Points” by staying logged in for a week, and use them to
  • Reach the best possible ending free of charge!

Ughh I can’t choose who I’m gonna do first! (*≧▽≦) Anyways, this game has the same system as CM so if you’ve already played that game you should be familiar with how the game works already. The only difference is that this time, you don’t get to choose one guy’s route but instead, each route will give you the option between two guys. So I guess the choices you’ll make will determine which guy you will end up with.
You can choose either Shion/Toma or Ryo/Ryusei. And for you to get free Platinum, please do register with my invitation code: ww8V2Z. ^_^

Download the game here:




23 thoughts on “New Mobile Otome Game: Starstruck Love!

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  3. OMG, i don’t understand, i don’t know whether i do anything wrong that my ending Shion or Toma was so…. unbelievable.. at the last day, shion does such a crazy thing, after he pick the girl up to the motel , he use chain to lock her, finally , it look like he try to burke her. and the end =..= what’s going on?! that’s the end?! i though it’ll be a happy ending but… look like he’s a crazy man. did i do sthg wrong at all?

    i want to reset the game, but absolutely not that ending again! What Should I do ?!

    • Wow that ending was so… Anyways, I haven’t finished playing the game so I don’t know what will happen in the happy ending but I think you got the dark ending. In the affection ratings there is a meter for “White fate” I think it’s got something to do with getting the dark ending? Sorry I haven’t been much of help.

      If anyone know more about this please kindly comment. ^_^

      • white fate ? what is it? i really don’t know this kind of game have such a gloomy ending. i reset game now but stil don’t know how to change it

      • When you open the game go to Menu>Favorability Rating list. There you’ll see four rating list:
        1. Shion or Toma Route Chic Level
        2. Shion Jonouchi Love Level
        3. Toma Jonouchi Love Level
        4. Choice of White Fate

        I’m guessing that your choice of white fate rating is low that’s why you got the dark ending. I’m not entirely sure though that that’s the reason.

    • You can have the happy ending by having enough affection ratings. Which you can get by answering the correct choices or buying clothes in the Outfit Shop that will increase his love. You can also buy affection points in the Item Shop. 🙂

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  5. Hey, I want to ask something about thie game.. How I gonna use the invitation code?? I feel really dumb cause I don’t know where it is.. So, could you show me the place that I can insert the invitation code, pleasee???

    • You can write your invitation code in the beginning.of the game. When you arite the name of your MC there’s a second gap for the invitation code. If you have missed to then, it’s already too late.

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