The Cinderella Contract: Yuri & Yelisei’s Walkthrough


Hey guys! So this is a walkthrough post for Yuri and Yelisei/Elisei’s route. Finished filling in the English choices. Japanese reference is here.  The answers in bold will give you the highest points. Here’s my code: DWNGPf. Enjoy the game! ^_^

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The Cinderella Contract


Hello everyone! ^_^ I’m very happy to announce that Arithmetic released another english game which I’ve been waiting for since I saw it in their website (it was released only in Japanese back then). I love the art in this game, especially the character designs. The textbox is so cute and princess-like too. xD

There are six eight guys to choose from, each with unique personalities. Like their previous game Starstruck Love, you don’t get to choose just one guy’s route. You choose a route with two guys and depending on your answers will be the one you end up with. this game is slightly different than Arithmetic’s usual games though. There are added features for this game like Love Trials, Love Lesson, etc. which you will be introduced to in the tutorial. Oh and please use my invitation code when registering for the game to get a freebie: DWNGPf. ^_^

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