The Cinderella Contract


Hello everyone! ^_^ I’m very happy to announce that Arithmetic released another english game which I’ve been waiting for since I saw it in their website (it was released only in Japanese back then). I love the art in this game, especially the character designs. The textbox is so cute and princess-like too. xD

There are six eight guys to choose from, each with unique personalities. Like their previous game Starstruck Love, you don’t get to choose just one guy’s route. You choose a route with two guys and depending on your answers will be the one you end up with. this game is slightly different than Arithmetic’s usual games though. There are added features for this game like Love Trials, Love Lesson, etc. which you will be introduced to in the tutorial. Oh and please use my invitation code when registering for the game to get a freebie: DWNGPf. ^_^



“You, a linguistically gifted correspondent, go with a client
to a party filled with foreign socialites.
Wait, are those hot socialites also princes!?
These gorgeous guys clamor around poor, disoriented you.
You let a prince escort you the rest of the evening, which passes like a dream.

Then, the next day…

You’re about to fly back home, when you get caught up in an investigation! 
Coming to your rescue is a prince from last night…!?
And what’s more, he demands that you enter a contract marriage with him as thanks…

You can’t turn down his command!
Will you find true love at the end of the aisle?
Or will you find…”



♦ Rossiyskaya ♦
The wicked, sadistic prince: Yuri
This prince has a devilish side lurking under his sweet smile.
He claims it was love at first sight!? Not that you mind a prince saying he loves you…
But you just met him; how can this be…!?

The innocent, nurturing prince: Yelisei
Yuri’s younger brother, the complete opposite in personality. Pure-hearted and always smiling.
You’re happy to gain a nice little brother, but his childish, overbearing antics are a bit much!?
His large stature doesn’t make you feel any safer, either…

♦ Flanelia ♦
The pushy, alpha-male prince: Claude
This blue-eyed blond would be a textbook-perfect handsome prince if he weren’t so pushy and arrogant.
He pushes you to marry him and become a saint…
Everything is forcibly stolen from you…!?

The mysterious clergyman: Lugar
This cardinal is soft-spoken, but it’s unclear what’s really in his mind.
At the center of church politics, Claude opposes him and warns you to stay away…
But what if Lugar, suspecting you’re not a true saint, comes to investigate…!?

♦ Ingrays ♦
The strong-willed hot-cold prince: Cyril
Is his rough, un-princelike speech just a way of covering his shyness?
He makes pretty bold statements, but his demeanor seems clumsy…
He says, “”you should just fall in love with me.”” What’s that supposed to mean…!?

The dynamic, older prince: Maynard
Rebellious Cyril’s gentle, yet firm Dad.
Though his relationship with his son is strained, he’s always nice to you..
You come to rely on him for his maturity more and more…







UPDATE: Asena’s route is released now, along with another guy, Isuka! I will make a walkthrough for their route soon. ^_^ Again, here’s my code: DWNGPf. Hope you enjoy the game! (*^▽^*)

You can download the game for free here:


99 thoughts on “The Cinderella Contract

  1. My code is NG76gj plz help me out use this for 100 free platinum there is something really good going to happen and I need a few platinum to get to it biting my nails in anticipation lol!

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