Koyonplete: Love! Sushi Rangers


Hey guys! First of all, I’m sorry I know I’m late on this one since it was released for like two weeks ago already. But anyways, for those who did not know, Koyonplete released a new game with the similar system to Love Academy (my favorite game of theirs). I got excited when I heard of this since I did not really like the single route per app and Jewel system that most of their recent games have. Moving on, there are four romanceable guys in this game. The plot is pretty hilarious. (*≧▽≦) More details below the cut. ^_^


“Our protagonist’s father is a pro sushi chef.
In the beginning, a travel agency chose the dad for their planned “High-Class Sushi Cruising” and then all of a sudden he was taken overseas.
That night, our protagonist awoke to a strange voice and saw an unbelievable light. Suddenly 6 youths appeared in the sushi kitchen, looking like people who’ve been seen somewhere before.
In order to help the protagonist, they changed into humans out of being… Sushi toppings!
Thus we raise our curtain on the strange life of a girl and six people.
Can they help our protagonist hold on to the sushi shop?
And what will become of her relationship with them?!”



・【Maguro】Yu Maguro
[Age] 20
[Height] 4cm〜182cm
[Image Color] Red
[Hobbies] Track and Field (distance)
[Personality] Foolhardy, Tsundere, (initially cold), very shy
The “childhood friend” type. Very helpful and brotherly.
In a rivalry with “Salmon”

・【Salmon】Kei Sukegawa
[Age] 20
[Height] 4cm〜179cm
[Image Color] Orange
[Hobbies] Traveling, wandering
[Personality] Bad at staying in one place.Popular with the girls. Good fashion sense
Searching for his own place that he can truly call home.
In a rivalry with “Maguro”
The older brother of “Ikura”

・【Ikura】Iku Sukegawa
[Age] 18
[Height] 4.2cm〜173cm
[Image Color] Pink
[Hobbies] Ball games (like basketball)
Always putting up walls between other people. Very shy
Calm and prudent
Rarely cold-hearted and sometimes explodes with bottled-up emotions
[Notes] The younger brother of “Salmon.” Maybe he has an older brother complex?
Good friends with “Tamago” (they were egg-buddies)

・【Tamago/Egg】Tamaki Marui
[Age] 18
[Height] 4.5cm〜167cm
[Image Color] Yellow
[Hobbies] Cooking
[Personality] Spoiled and easily jealous
Becomes fast friends with children
(Is actually black-hearted and also considered spoiled?)
Good friends with Ikura (they were egg-buddies)


Download the game for free! Available for iOS and Android:

dl  gp


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