Starry Sky ~After Spring~ Walkthrough: Kanata Nanami


The walkthrough is divided into two parts. The common route, which will unlock his after story, then the walkthrough for his after spring route. The game contains three endings for each guy (Suzuya, Kanata, Yoh), and three other ends. After the common route ending, you will be redirected to the main screen. Just click start and type your name again. This time, the option to continue Kanata’s route will be unlocked and you can now continue to play his route.

I used this Japanese walkthrough as a reference. I will do the normal end soon. Enjoy the game! ^_^



  1. Thank you for the letter you sent the other day.   (この間は手紙、ありがとう)
  2. Pisces set meal.   (魚座定食)
  3. I’m looking forward to tomorrow!   (明日からが楽しみ!)
  4. Takatsugu-kun looks so happy!   (崇嗣くん、嬉しそう!)
  5. Kanata, why is your uniform so dirty? (哉太、制服が汚れちゃってるよ?)
  6. Kanata doesn’t have much of an opponent. (哉太には敵わないかも……)
  7. Kanata.   (哉太)
  8. Did you know Kanata is also kind?   (哉太だって優しいんだよ?)



  1. Are you worried for me?   (心配、してくれたの?)
  2. Kanata’s hand is really big.   (哉太の手、大きいね)
  3. I was thinking the same thing.   (同じ事を思ってた)
  4. I’ll stop.   (もうしない)
  5. I won’t let you go.   (やっとつかまえた)
  6. Presents.   (プレゼント)
  7. It’s the opposite.   (それ、逆です)
  8. I’m also glad.   (私も嬉しいです)
  9. Kanata is also cool.   (哉太もかっこいいですよ)
  10. That’s true..   (それは、ね)
  11. Picture frames.   (写真立て)
  12. What’s got into you? (どういう風の吹き回し?)
  13. Let me worry. (心配、させてよ)
  14. Won’t you tell me?   (話してくれないの?)
  15. Should I stay here, I wonder.   (ここにいようかな)
  16. You’re right.   (そうだね)
  17. Then it’s decided!   (それじゃあ決まり!)
  18. I believe in him. (信じてる)
  19. Embrace him. (抱きしめる)
  20. I want to be with you, too. (私も一緒にいたいよ)



Pick the same choices as the one leading to End 1 but in the final choice, instead of choosing  “I want to be with you, too.” (私も一緒にいたいよ), choose “Don’t you know the answer?” (そんなの、分るでしょ?)



  1. It’s none of your business!   (余計なお世話!)
  2. Kanata’s hand is really rough.   (哉太の手、ゴツゴツしてるね)
  3. Sometimes you know just what to say.   (たまにはいい事言うね)
  4. What do you want me to do?   (どうすれば良かったの?)
  5. Be honest.   (素直になって)
  6. Food.   (ごちそう)
  7. You’re right.   (そうですよね)
  8. That is..   (そんな……)
  9. That’s certainly true.   (確かに)
  10. It’s not that?   (そうでもないよ?)
  11. A necklace.   (ネックレス)
  12. It’s too late for you to be gentle now.   (今さら優しくしても遅い)
  13. What are you saying?   (何言ってるの?)
  14. It’s about the thing during summer vacation.   (夏休みの事)
  15. Do you want me to stay?   (ここにいてほしいの?)
  16. I see.   (そっか)
  17. Even if you say you don’t want to go later, we have to go, okay?   (嫌って言っても行くけどね?)
  18. I won’t forgive him either.   (私も許さない)
  19. I’m angry.   (怒るよ?)
  20. Do you know that answer?   (そんなの、分るでしょ?)

5 thoughts on “Starry Sky ~After Spring~ Walkthrough: Kanata Nanami

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  2. Hey thanks so much for this it really helped me with the game. I have a question, by any chace do you have a walkthrough for the extra stories as well? It would help a lot if you did.

    • Hello! The endings in the extra stories are the same, but the conversations are different depending on the choices you make. So it’s really okay for you to pick any answers you like. ^_^

      • Thanks Yumiko,

        I usually look for walkthroughs in your blog so I hope you get the walkthroughs for the extra stories soon. I always love your detailed walkthroughs thanks again for always making them. Please let me know when you get them up.

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