Starry Sky ~After Spring~ Walkthrough: Yoh Tomoe


The walkthrough is divided into two parts. The common route, which will unlock his after story, then the walkthrough for his after spring route. The game contains three endings for each guy (Suzuya, Kanata, Yoh), and three other ends. After the common route ending, you will be redirected to the main screen. Just click start and type your name again. This time, the option to continue Yoh’s route will be unlocked and you can now continue to play his route.

I used this Japanese walkthrough as a reference. I will do the normal end soon. Enjoy the game! ^_^



  1. Will you stay in Japan for a while?   (日本にしばらくいるの? )
  2. Capricorn set meal.    (山羊座定食)
  3. It’s good that Yoh-kun is here.    (羊君がいて良かった)
  4. Takatsugu-kun looks so happy!    (崇嗣くん、嬉しそう!)
  5. Yoh-kun, are you hungry?   (羊君、お腹空いたんじゃない?)
  6. Yoh-kun gave such a great idea!   (羊君の名案だね!)
  7. Yoh-kun.   (羊君)
  8. Facing them alone means you’re strong.   (1人で立ち向かうのは強い)


-will update with actual translations-

  1. Be honest.   (素直な気持ちを言う)
  2. I won’t go.   (やめておく)
  3. Of course!   (もちろん)
  4. Talk about myself.   (自分の話をする)
  5. Unfortunately, I have no plans.   (残念ながら予定はないよ)
  6. It’s your fault, Yoh-kun.   (羊君のせいだよ)
  7. They seem to get along well.   (仲良いんだね)
  8. I’m glad you answered the phone.   (出てくれて良かった)
  9. The feelings of all three of us.   (3人の気持ちです)
  10. It’s nothing.   (何もないよ)
  11. Hold it shut with my body.   (身体で押さえる)
  12. Embrace him.   (抱きつく)
  13. Love me like this?   (好きでいてくれる?)
  14. I look forward to it.   (楽しみだよ)
  15. Because I’m serious about this.   (本気だからね)
  16. Take his hand.   (手を握る)
  17. As long as I train for housework.   (花嫁修業なら)
  18. As long as Yoh-kun says “OK”.   (羊君がOKなら)
  19. Tease him.   (からかう)
  20. I’m a little scared.   (ちょっと怖い)



Pick the same choices as the one leading to End 1 but in the final choice, instead of choosing “I’m a little scared.” (ちょっと怖い), choose “I’m a little uneasy.” (ちょっと不安)


-will update with actual translations-

  1. Pretend that nothing’s wrong.   (何でもないとごまかす)
  2. Accept their feelings, but politely decline.   (気持ちだけ受ける)
  3. It’s too late late.   (遅いよ)
  4. Talk about Kanata and Suzuya.   (哉太と錫也の話をする)
  5. Yoh-kun rejected me.   (羊君に振られちゃった)
  6. You too, Yoh-kun.   (羊君もだよ)
  7. They sound fun.   (楽しそうだね)
  8. Happy Birthday.   (おめでとう)
  9. Take care and use the presents well.   (大切に使ってね)
  10. Stay silent.   (黙ってる)
  11. Lock the door.   (鍵をかける)
  12. Smile at him.   (笑みを浮かべる)
  13. Forgive me?   (許してくれる?)
  14. I’m nervous.   (緊張するな)
  15. Is is that weird?   (そんなに変?)
  16. Shake your head.   (首を振る)
  17. As long as I’m not a bother.   (迷惑じゃないのなら)
  18. Am I good enough?   (私でいいんですか?)
  19. Deny it.   (否定する)
  20. I’m a little uneasy.   (ちょっと不安)



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