Starry Sky ~After Spring~ Walkthrough: Suzuya Tohzuki


The walkthrough is divided into two parts. The common route, which will unlock his after story, then the walkthrough for his after spring route. The game contains three endings for each guy (Suzuya, Kanata, Yoh), and three other ends. After the common route ending, you will be redirected to the main screen. Just click start and type your name again. This time, the option to continue Suzuya’s route will be unlocked and you can now continue to play his route.

I used this Japanese walkthrough as a reference. I will do the normal end soon. Enjoy the game! ^_^



  1. Is there something you want to eat?   (何か食べたい物ある?)
  2. Cancer set meal.   (蟹座定食)
  3. Everyone gets along now.   (みんな、仲良くなった)
  4. Oshinari-sensei has a gentle expression.  (忍成先生、優しい表情してる)
  5. Suzuya, was everyone getting along?   (錫也、みんな仲良くしてる?)
  6. Suzuya, aren’t you awfully calm about this?   (錫也はやけに落ち着いてるね?)
  7. Suzuya.    (錫也)
  8. You  don’t know what kindness is.   (優しさが何かを分かってない)



  1. Hold him tight.   (ぎゅっと抱きしめる)
  2. I feel the same way.   (私も同じだよ)
  3. We were talking about the Cultural Festival.   (文化祭の話!)
  4. Um, this is……!   (えっと、これはね……!)
  5. What are you holding back from me?   (何をそんなに我慢してるの?)
  6. I wasn’t ready to tell her.   (心の準備が出来てないのに……)
  7. I’ll do my best to support you!   (うん、私もちゃんと支えたい)
  8. Please teach me to cook a lot of things.   (料理、いろいろと教えてください)
  9. Okay, I will.   (うん、いいよ)
  10. Kiss him on the lips.   (唇にキスする)
  11. A lunch plate.   (ランチプレート)
  12. I still want to be with you, too.   (私もまだ一緒にいたい)
  13. Lightly tug on his sleeve.   (服のすそを引っ張る)
  14. How did you go, Suzuya?   (錫也こそどうだった?)
  15. I’m sorry to have made you worry.   (心配かけてごめんね)
  16. I can hardly wait!   (今から楽しみだな)
  17. OK, I’ll do as you say.   (うん。錫也の言う通りにする)
  18. Thank you.   (ありがとう)
  19. We’re graduating tomorrow, after all.  (明日で卒業だもんね……)
  20. Bittersweet, huh.   (切ないね)
  21. I feel that way too.   (私もそうなれたらって思ってた)
  22. I’ll cherish the time I spend with Suzuya.   (錫也との時間も大切にするね)
  23. I’ll be supporting you.   (私応援してるよ)
  24. Suzuya, can you tell me which days you’ll be free?   (錫也の休みの日、教えてね)
  25. We’re doing fine.   (大丈夫だよ)



Pick the same choices as the one leading to End 1 but in the final choice, instead of choosing “We’re doing fine.”  (大丈夫だよ), choose “Nothing changed.” (変わらないよ)



  1. I continue to call out.   (声を掛け続ける)
  2. Suzuya’s selfish?   (錫也のエゴ……?)
  3. It’s nothing!   (何でもないよ!)
  4. Where is Yoh-kun?   (羊君は……?)
  5. Is it something that you can’t tell me?   (私には言えないような事?)
  6. How can you say it so casually?   (何で、そんなにあっさり言うの?)
  7. I wonder if I can really support you, Suzuya?   (私に錫也を支えられるかな)
  8. But, isn’t it too quick for that?   (でも、気が早くないですか?)
  9. For example, like what?   (たとえば、どんなの?)
  10. Kiss him on the cheek.   (頬にキスする)
  11. A Hydrangea-patterned wind chime.   (アジサイ模様の風鈴)
  12. I’m not tired yet.   (まだ疲れてないよ)
  13. See how I’ll go for a bit more.   (もう少し様子をうかがう)
  14. I did pretty well.   (まぁまぁ良かったよ)
  15. You can see through anything, huh, Suzuya?   (錫也は何でもお見通しだね)
  16. I wonder if it’s okay to take a break for 1 day.   (1日勉強休んで大丈夫かな……)
  17. I understand.   (分った……)
  18. Sorry.   (ごめんね)
  19. Are you sad?   (寂しいの?)
  20. Painful, huh.   (苦しいね)
  21. I want to be with you forever too.   (本当にずっと一緒にいられるんだね)
  22. Thank you.   (ありがとう)
  23. Don’t push yourself.   (無理しないでね)
  24. I’ll try and tell you which days I’m free from now on, okay?   (私の休みの日、言うようにするね)
  25. Nothing changed.   (変わらないよ)

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