The Cinderella Contract: Cyril & Maynard’s Walkthrough


Hey guys! So this is a walkthrough post for Cyril and Maynard’s route. Finished filling in the English choices. Japanese reference is here.  The answers in bold will give you the highest points. Here’s my code: DWNGPf. Enjoy the game! ^_^

Chapter 1.05

  1.  Of course not.
  2.  No way. (Cyril)
  3.  Not in the slightest.

Chapter 1.06

  1.  Don’t just leave me alone like that. (Cyril)
  2.  Tell me why.
  3.  I’ll come with you.

Chapter 1.11

  1.  I forgot. (Cyril)
  2.  I’m sorry. (Maynard)
  3.  He didn’t look suspicious.

Chapter 2.02

  1.  I don’t consider it lucky.
  2.  You’re right.
  3.  That’s very boastful of you. (Cyril)

Chapter 2.06

  1.  …
  2.  I don’t. (Maynard)
  3.  I do. (Cyril)

Chapter 2.12

  1.  I’m your wife. Why won’t you tell me.
  2.  Is it really irrelevant? (Cyril)
  3.  Tell me, please.

Chapter 3.03

  1.  Thanks for the offer. (Cyril)
  2.  I’m fine.
  3.  Yes, please.

Chapter 3.08

  1.  Why don’t I call you “Father.” (Cyril)
  2.  Why don’t I go on a date with you? (Maynard)
  3.  Stop joking around.

Chapter 3.11

  1.  He didn’t tell me anything.
  2.  I don’t remember anything.
  3. I won’t tell you. (Cyril)

Chapter 4.03

  1.  Thank you.
  2.  Don’t worry about it. (Cyril)
  3.  This was just an accident.

Chapter 4.06

  1.  You misunderstand! (Maynard)
  2.  You don’t need to do anything special. (Cyril)
  3.  Don’t talk like that.

Chapter 4.13

  1.  I won’t next time. (Cyril)
  2.  I would never do that.
  3.  It depends on the situation.

Chapter 5.01

  1.  Because I want to believe him. (Maynard)
  2.  Just curiosity.
  3.  I don’t know. (Cyril)

Chapter 5.08

  1.  Close my eyes.
  2.  Take a step.
  3.  Scream. (Cyril)

Chapter 5.13

  1.  Don’t be angry at Cyril. (Cyril)
  2.  You don’t have to worry about me.
  3.  Thank you for everything.

Chapter 6.01

  1. He said that you were cute.
  2. I just thought he’d know something about your childhood.
  3. He remembered you when you were small. (Cyril)

Chapter 6.08

  1. (Maybe) (Maynard)
  2. (He would never do that.)
  3. (How horrible!) (Cyril)

Chapter 6.14

  1. Cuddle up with him
  2. Embrace him.
  3. Smile. (Cyril)

Chapter 7.01

  1.  No.
  2. Sort of. (Maynard)
  3.  It’s not your concern. (Cyril)

Chapter 7.10

  1.  I believe you, Maynard.
  2.  I believe Cyril. (Cyril)
  3.  I believe neither.

Chapter 7.15

  1.  Of course I do.
  2. If I have to be there anyways.
  3.  That’s not what I mean. (Cyril)

Chapter 8.02

  1.  Just felt like it. (Cyril)
  2. Because I love you.
  3. Because I wanted to make you happy.

Chapter 8.07

  1.  I can’t do anything.
  2.  I let it happen
  3.  I seek help. (Cyril)

Chapter 8.15

  1.  Lie.
  2.  Tell the Truth. (Maynard )
  3.  Evade the Question. (Cyril)

Chapter 9.05

  1.  It’s too big, it scares me. (Cyril)
  2.  I don’t know.
  3.  I just feel like it.

Chapter 9.08

  1.  That’s good.
  2.  Really?
  3.  and what about you? (Cyril)

Chapter 9.11

  1.  (How can you think like that?) (Cyril)
  2.  (Wow…) (Maynard)
  3.  (That’s a bit scary…)

Chapter 10.05

  1.  Approach. (Cyril)
  2.  Turn a blind eye. (Maynard)
  3.  Watch from afar.

Chapter 10.09

  1.  You seem kinder.
  2.  I can’t really explain it.
  3.  You have a different air about you. (Cyril)

Chapter 10.13

  1.  Why?
  2.  I want to touch your hair. (Cyril +5)
  3.  There’s no need to be embarrassed.

Chapter 11.02

  1.  I don’t know.
  2.  It’s wrong.
  3.  It’s not wrong. (Cyril)

Chapter 11.10

  1.  I’m not worried. (Cyril)
  2.  Of course I’m worried.
  3.  You’re missing the point.

Chapter 11.12

  1.  Don’t be so cool about it.
  2.  I just want it to be over. (Maynard)
  3.  I don’t want either to win. (Cyril)

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6 thoughts on “The Cinderella Contract: Cyril & Maynard’s Walkthrough

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  2. Hello this a great tutorial, but it seems that the answers mostly carried Cyril, is that it is the case that you should choose? Because I like a little more Maynard

    • Hello. ^_^ Yes, the answers are mostly for Cyril because he’s kind of like the main guy, (in Rossisskaya Yuri, in Flanelia Claude) if you don’t want to end up with him just pick the choices that would not raise his affections.

  3. Hi!
    I have been following your walkthroughs for the Cinderella Contract, and I wanted to say thank you! Also, I am now playing this route (Cyril/Maynard) and I noticed the answers for 6.08 and 6.14 are missing here.
    I tried to write them down so you can add them, but I couldn’t know how many affection points had each answer, sorry D:

    -(He would never do that)
    -(How horrible…) (I selected this for Cyril)

    -Cuddle up with him
    -Embrace him (I selected this for Cyril too)

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