GirlWelcome fellow otome gamers!

Just a brief introduction: first of all thank you for visiting my blog. I’m a 19 year-old college student who discovered otome games and fell in love with it.  (^▽^)
This blog will be mostly dedicated on otome games and occasional anime posts. I also love talking to people with the same interests so don’t hesitate to comment or message me. I really love talking to you guys. Enjoy your stay!   (*^▽^)/

~ はやし ゆみこ


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Yumiko Sama love the blog… um this might seem weird of me to ask but is there a way to get free platinum for Bidding for love, If not that’s fine i just don’t know how to use credit stuff to buy it (-.’-) Just thought since you love this game as much as me you would have a few tricks hehe ^-^ Thanks.
    Oh my Name’s Tenshi =^.^=

  2. Loving this blog! I just got into otome games recently myself so you’ve been a great help. ❤ One thing I must ask however….where is your banner picture from? Because I really want to watch it…or play it if it's an otome. x3

  3. have you played any games by koyonplete? the games are for android and iOS and most of them are in english. currently playing devil in my arms and so far so good! (although this one is more for mature readers)

    • The only game they made that I finished was Love Academy but I tried Mystical Butterfly and Seal of Lycoris as well. It’s just that the new Jewel system kind of made me give up on the games. xD But I’ve downloaded Love Sushi Rangers since they used the Koyon system again and I’ll probably also try Devil in My Arms. ^_^

  4. Hey there! I was just wandering about the internet and somehow i ended up here,, lol..
    anyway, i’d like to ask which otome game/anime you used in the header from?
    you know.. the picture at the top of the page..
    Thanks 😀

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