Alice in the Heart (Alice in the Country of Hearts)


“Alice is realistic; especially about love. One day, she is taken to the world of heart, which is full of danger. For example, an owner of a hat shop is a gangster, and every theme park worker carries a gun; almost all of the people are dangerous.

She somehow starts to enjoy her life there, after she is forced to take a drug which prevents her from returning to her original world. Will she find a way back? Will she fall in love?” [x]

Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update for so long. I’ve been pretty busy with school. Our proposal defense is coming up so I haven’t had much time to play anything. But, the good news is Alice in the Country of Hearts finally got an official English release! Only, it’s on mobile and the translations obviously need some improvement but still, it’s better than nothing. (*~▽~)

I know, I’m really late on this but for those who did not know, more details about the game below. For the walkthrough, click on the character’s photo. The walkthrough isn’t mine, it will lead you to the original post. If the photo is not clickable it means I can’t find a walkthrough for it yet. Enjoy! (^ _ ^)/

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New English Mobile Otome Game: My Sweet Proposal


“All girls dream of their future proposal.
As a wedding planner, you are always thinking of other people’s happiness but,
is this person suddenly appearing in your life a sign of destiny?!
A self-confident son of a rich family, a famous wedding designer, or an ex-boyfriend…
Will you be able to get a marriage proposal? It only depends on you!
Who’s gonna propose to you?”



As of now, the routes available are Todo Masaya and Sakura Ryoichi. The gameplay is the same as Arithmetic’s The Cinderella Contract. I think I will go after Todo first, and hopefully Mitsui’s route will be available soon. 🙂
Please enter my invitation code when registering so that you can get freebies! Here it is: R58dp4. ^_^



Koyonplete: Love! Sushi Rangers


Hey guys! First of all, I’m sorry I know I’m late on this one since it was released for like two weeks ago already. But anyways, for those who did not know, Koyonplete released a new game with the similar system to Love Academy (my favorite game of theirs). I got excited when I heard of this since I did not really like the single route per app and Jewel system that most of their recent games have. Moving on, there are four romanceable guys in this game. The plot is pretty hilarious. (*≧▽≦) More details below the cut. ^_^

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The Cinderella Contract


Hello everyone! ^_^ I’m very happy to announce that Arithmetic released another english game which I’ve been waiting for since I saw it in their website (it was released only in Japanese back then). I love the art in this game, especially the character designs. The textbox is so cute and princess-like too. xD

There are six eight guys to choose from, each with unique personalities. Like their previous game Starstruck Love, you don’t get to choose just one guy’s route. You choose a route with two guys and depending on your answers will be the one you end up with. this game is slightly different than Arithmetic’s usual games though. There are added features for this game like Love Trials, Love Lesson, etc. which you will be introduced to in the tutorial. Oh and please use my invitation code when registering for the game to get a freebie: DWNGPf. ^_^

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The Girl with Sword’s Prince & Wendy’s Adventures in Neverland

Hey guys! So last night Hana from the WendyNeverland team contacted me about their upcoming commercial English game, The Girl with Sword’s Prince & Wendy’s Adventures in Neverland. These are originally Korean games which will be translated into English by the awesome team. The games are fully voiced (Korean) and will be released in the Google Play Store and in PC versions as well. You can watch the promotional video here.


What’s Wendy’s Adventures in Neverland?

  • It’s a marchen fantasy adventure romance game based on ‘Peter Pan’ by J. M. Barrie. This is a visual novel that takes you on a thrilling adventure to Peter Pan’s wondrous island, Neverland, with you as Wendy, the narrator. It has romance simulation elements to satisfy your sweet tooth. So come and meet our charmingly reinterpreted characters and become their friends or fall in love in ‘Wendy’s Adventures in Neverland’!

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