Princess Nightmare English Patch Released!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last update and God, I missed this blog! I am still busy with uni and still have little free time so I think I still won’t be active for probably until February 2015 (which is our final defense schedule). While I was gone I have missed on a LOT of game releases. But, I have good news for you guys. The group who translated Starry Sky ~In Sprng~ (OGE) released an English patch for the game Princess Nightmare!


“Little is a vampire girl. Radou treats her like his little sister and Vlad is like her father, though they are not blood-related. 
One day, their hiding place is found by vampire hunters and they are forced to leave town. Eventually they arrive in Japan, where they sleep at an old house during the day and live as vampires at night. 
Little meets a human boy and longs for a normal life. Radou doesn’t want her to, but Vlad allows her to start going to school. She makes friends and starts to enjoy her school life. Until one day, a messenger arrives at their residence and tells them it’s time to go back to the demon world…”

Watch the opening:

You can download the patch here.For the English walkthrough, my fellow blogger Deluluchancey has started making them, you can go check them out here. Enjoy! 🙂


Translation Projects


Hello guys! So recently I’ve noticed that a lot of wonderful people has announced translation projects for awesome games. And I thought of making a round-up post of all current translation projects, especially since a lot of them are still recruiting translators to be able to get the project moving. I would really want to volunteer to translate if I know how to speak Japanese.

I’ve only started playing otome games last year and I actually had planned on learning the language since a lot of great otome games are not in English but sadly I’m on my final year of college and my schedule did not give me time to take Japanese lessons. (╯︵╰,) Anyways the games are under the cut. I’m really looking forward to all these titles and I’m so excited to play these games in English. (*≧▽≦)

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Starry Sky ~After Spring~ English Patch Released!


After Spring takes place in Autumn, when the students of Seigatsu Gakuen are busy with preparations for the upcoming cultural festival. They’re holding an exhibition, and some advisors from USA come to help the students. Yahisa Tsukiko, along with her childhood friends Nanami Kanata and Tohzuki Suzuya, are surprised to see their friend Tomoe Yoh there.
Yoh had come to see her in March, but left for America by the end of Spring. It turns out that Yoh is one of the advisors, and he’ll be staying in Japan until the culture festival is over.”

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Reunion of Angel (English Demo) Released!


Good news fellow otome gamers! A new Japanese fully voiced doujin game is being translated into English, and the trial version has been released! O(≧▽≦)O The plot is relative to Voltage’s 10 Days With My Devil, wherein you spend (in this case) 7 days with the angels. The heroine did something terrible in her past life and now she has seven days to do good deeds or her soul will be obliterated and she will die.

There are two guys to choose from, Karman (red haired) and Sin (megane). They are the ones in charge of guarding you and helping you do good deeds. Everyday, you will be asked to choose whom you will spend the day with, and he will accompany you throughout the day.


The GUI is very good and I love the plot as well. I can’t wait for the full version of this! Just a quick note though, you can only play this on Windows and you need to change your computer’s system locale to Japanese to be able to play it, OR you can use AppLocale so that you won’t have to do that. You can view my tutorial here on how to use it. Enjoy the game! ^_^

You can download the game for free here:


The Girl with Sword’s Prince & Wendy’s Adventures in Neverland

Hey guys! So last night Hana from the WendyNeverland team contacted me about their upcoming commercial English game, The Girl with Sword’s Prince & Wendy’s Adventures in Neverland. These are originally Korean games which will be translated into English by the awesome team. The games are fully voiced (Korean) and will be released in the Google Play Store and in PC versions as well. You can watch the promotional video here.


What’s Wendy’s Adventures in Neverland?

  • It’s a marchen fantasy adventure romance game based on ‘Peter Pan’ by J. M. Barrie. This is a visual novel that takes you on a thrilling adventure to Peter Pan’s wondrous island, Neverland, with you as Wendy, the narrator. It has romance simulation elements to satisfy your sweet tooth. So come and meet our charmingly reinterpreted characters and become their friends or fall in love in ‘Wendy’s Adventures in Neverland’!

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