Translation Projects


Hello guys! So recently I’ve noticed that a lot of wonderful people has announced translation projects for awesome games. And I thought of making a round-up post of all current translation projects, especially since a lot of them are still recruiting translators to be able to get the project moving. I would really want to volunteer to translate if I know how to speak Japanese.

I’ve only started playing otome games last year and I actually had planned on learning the language since a lot of great otome games are not in English but sadly I’m on my final year of college and my schedule did not give me time to take Japanese lessons. (╯︵╰,) Anyways the games are under the cut. I’m really looking forward to all these titles and I’m so excited to play these games in English. (*≧▽≦)

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Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium 3rd Story English Patch Released!


I am sooo happy right now because the translators of the TokiMemo Girl’s Side 1st Love Plus released their newest project today! This is for the PSP version of the game. For more details about the patch, visit this site. For patching instructions, click here. A walkthough of the game (DS version but still really helpful) can be found here. More walkthrough links below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me for help! I will do my best to help you. Enjoy the game! ^_^

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Starry Sky ~After Spring~ Walkthrough: Suzuya Tohzuki


The walkthrough is divided into two parts. The common route, which will unlock his after story, then the walkthrough for his after spring route. The game contains three endings for each guy (Suzuya, Kanata, Yoh), and three other ends. After the common route ending, you will be redirected to the main screen. Just click start and type your name again. This time, the option to continue Suzuya’s route will be unlocked and you can now continue to play his route.

I used this Japanese walkthrough as a reference. I will do the normal end soon. Enjoy the game! ^_^

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