Bedtime Sweetheart: Shall We Sleep Guide


Today Koyonplete released a new mobile app featuring three voice actors. There are three guys, and they talk when you tap them. They talk differently between day and night. You just tap them and they say things to you. Also, if you tap in the “correct” order, you will get a special scene.

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New English Mobile Otome Game: Office Lover


This is a new game brought to us by OKKO. It has the same system as Contract Marriage, where you are given tickets to read scenarios per day. I just downloaded this today so I can’t give any reviews yet, but I’m hoping this game turns out to be good. (。^‿^。)

Update: Please also check out their newest game Sweet Scandal & Arabian Nights! ♥



Kitazawa Omi (Brown haired guy)
Shiraishi Henri (Blonde guy)
Kagaya Go (Megane guy)

I’ll probably choose Omi and Go cause Omi is cute and Go is a megane chara. (*^▽^*)
You can download the game at Google Play. Enjoy! 🙂
Oh and please use my referral/invitation code when you sign up: F7iMWp (you will get 100 Platinum if you do this).

Edit: Found a walkthrough here. 🙂

Application Help: AppLocale.


For some games, like Boku no Shokora, even if you have downloaded and installed the English translated version, you will still see an error upon opening the .exe file. Now to solve this you will simply have to change your locale to Japanese (Japan). But it can sometimes be a pain in the ass changing the locale before playing, then changing it again after you’ve played.

To solve this, you will simply need an app by Microsoft called AppLocaleThis app will enable you to play your games WITHOUT having to change your locale to Japanese (Japan).

You can download the app HERE.

Part 1: Installing AppLocale

1.  Before you open Command Prompt, first go to your apploc.msi file and move it to your drive D:\ or C:\. (This is for you to find the file easily.)
2.  Click Start Button > Type “Command” in the search box.
3.  Right click the application “Command Prompt”. Select Run as Administrator.
4.  A dialog box will appear. Select YES. Command prompt will open.
5.  Type “D:” or “C:” depending on where you put the apploc.msi file. It should look something like this:


6. Type “apploc.msi” and it should open the installer. If it asks you if you want to run this file, select Run.

7. Just follow the installer instructions and it should install with no problem. 🙂

Part 2: Opening your game

Now that you’ve installed AppLocale, you may now use it to open your game. How? Just follow these steps.

1. Open AppLocale.

2. It will show you a Welcome message. Click Next.

3. If you see a launch application option, click browse.

4. Select the .exe file of your chosen game. Like this:


5. Select Open. Click Next>Next>Finish. (Note: do NOT alter the Language of the application. AppLocale will automatically detect that it’s Japanese. Just click next until you are finished.)

6. You may now play your game.  \(^ ^)/

Mobile App: Kuudere Kareshi.

ImageSo I was randomly searching for some otome game apps for my phone when I stumbled upon this app called Kuudere Kareshi. It’s an app where when you touch him he says random kuudere stuff to you. I don’t know who the seiyuu is but his voice is so  (´ ▽`).。o♡.

ImageAlso, what I loved about this is that sometimes he asks you a question and you get to choose one out of the three answers. Like one time he asked me how old I was, and if you chose to tell him you’re younger than him he’ll call you onee-san (人´∀`*) and if you’re younger than him he’ll say he’s you’re onii-san idk I only partially understand Japanese sorry. xD

Screenshot_2013-10-09-22-24-25Sometimes he’ll ask you what you think of him and depending on your answer will be his reaction. I like to choose the sweet answers ’cause he’s so kawaii when he blushes.  (o⌒.⌒o)


And if you touch him continuously you will get a CG! (^_^)


Best thing about this? It’s free! Yup, you can download it on Google Play they probably have this on iTunes as well you guys can just google it. 🙂 Oh and if you like yandere guys here’s another free app for you. Enjoy! 🙂