Bidding for Love: Mitsurugi Kyo Walkthrough


This is a walkthrough for Mitsurugi Kyo’s route in Bidding for Love. I will not include the other answers because the chapters were seriously LONG in this game especially for the last parts. Anyways, the ones listed below are the correct choices. Please use my invitation code: ikEv3F to get free platinum. Enjoy! ^_^

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New English Mobile Otome Game: Bidding For Love

Hey guys! ^_^ I’m back (sort of). Still busy with uni so I don’t get to play that much but anyways, last March 2, 2014 Arithmetic (if you’ve played Contract Marriage or Starstruck Love then you probably know them already) released a new english otome game for us, Bidding For Love. To be honest when I first saw this it reminded me of Voltage’s Kissed by the Baddest Bidder since the story premise is pretty much the same. Oh and please use my invitation code when you play the game: ikEv3F for you to get 100 platinum. 🙂


“An exciting romance that begins with noble and handsome men bidding on you. Your choices will change your world…”

The premise is simple: You get sold in a black market auction and whoever buys you get to have you as a servant. Yes. You get sold in an auction. For those who don’t like these kinds of story plots then I suggest you don’t play this  one. BUT since I’m fine with these kinds of story premises, and I’m curious as to how the routes will turn out I’m gonna give this one a shot. I hope this turn out to be good. 🙂 Anyways here are the characters:


I decided to choose Kyo’s route first. If I have the time, I will play the others’ routes as well hopefully. ^_^



Also now available for Android and iOS! Download the game here: