New English Mobile Otome Game: My Sweet Proposal


“All girls dream of their future proposal.
As a wedding planner, you are always thinking of other people’s happiness but,
is this person suddenly appearing in your life a sign of destiny?!
A self-confident son of a rich family, a famous wedding designer, or an ex-boyfriend…
Will you be able to get a marriage proposal? It only depends on you!
Who’s gonna propose to you?”



As of now, the routes available are Todo Masaya and Sakura Ryoichi. The gameplay is the same as Arithmetic’s The Cinderella Contract. I think I will go after Todo first, and hopefully Mitsui’s route will be available soon. 🙂
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It’s Our Secret & Arabian Nights Released!

The creators of Forbidden Love has brought us a new mobile otome game, It’s Our Secret. It’s another story of forbidden love (they sure love those) with your not blood related brother again I think. And another one from OKKO, Arabian Nights ~Desert Heat Love~. Same system as their other games, and there are three guys to choose from.


♦ It’s Our Secret ♦

The requirement for the inheritance of the enormous amount of money… is the marriage with dear brother!?
“Dear brother, I have always been…”
Fighting with your emotions, the path you take,
Will it be the inherited money, your dreams as a designer, or your love you have deeply hidden away…?
It’s our Secret.
Who’s hand will you take?

Get the game for free below for iOS or Android!


♦ Arabian Nights ♦

“Would it be so bad to marry one of us?”
Has the jewel chosen me as the maiden of destiny?
As the future queen of this Arabian country, it is your choice who will be the next king…
Should you fail to choose one of the three princes by the next solar eclipse, you will pay with your life.
What lies ahead of you, at the hands of such a fate?

Now available at Google Play and App Store! ^_^

dl     gp

New English Mobile Otome Game: Sweet Scandal (Ikemen Michakushuzai)


“In the famous women’s magazine ‘Queen’ published by Tiger Gates Editions, there is a very popular section called ‘Total Coverage’, which is all about handsome geniuses.
After working there for two years as a journalist, your dream finally comes true; you’ve been tasked with writing the sought-after ‘Total Coverage’ section !
During the time you will spend with him, you will fall in love with the side of him he only shows when he’s with you. You will have to face one scandal after the other, the weight of public reputation…and the hidden truth. What will be waiting for you when you finally discover everything? Will you find eternal love, or part ways forever?”

Yes, from the creators of Office Lover, another English translated game for us! I’ve actually seen this one a while back when I checked out Okko’s website but it was only available in Japanese back then. I am so glad it’s now translated! 🙂


There are three characters to choose from. I will probably choose Amasawa Kaito first and Misato Yusuke. As of the moment this is only available for Android but they will release the iOS version soon. 🙂
Edit: Found a walkthrough for Yusuke HERE. As for Kaitou, I am updating my walkthrough post HERE as I play through the game.

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New English Mobile Otome Game: Office Lover


This is a new game brought to us by OKKO. It has the same system as Contract Marriage, where you are given tickets to read scenarios per day. I just downloaded this today so I can’t give any reviews yet, but I’m hoping this game turns out to be good. (。^‿^。)

Update: Please also check out their newest game Sweet Scandal & Arabian Nights! ♥



Kitazawa Omi (Brown haired guy)
Shiraishi Henri (Blonde guy)
Kagaya Go (Megane guy)

I’ll probably choose Omi and Go cause Omi is cute and Go is a megane chara. (*^▽^*)
You can download the game at Google Play. Enjoy! 🙂
Oh and please use my referral/invitation code when you sign up: F7iMWp (you will get 100 Platinum if you do this).

Edit: Found a walkthrough here. 🙂